Patrick Garner is a twenty-year historical character actor from Little Falls, NJ, whose credits range from street fairs to Broadway. Most recently, a cast member of Broadway's GYPSY, starring Bernadette Peters, he has performed opposite such stars as Whoopi Goldberg, Nathan Lane, Kelly Ripa, Kevin Kline, and John Lithgow. Mr. Garner starred as "Wilbur the Pig" in the world premiere of the Lincoln Center Institute's Charlotte's Web, the only version authorized by E.B. White. He has toured schools all over the country performing Shakespeare and Moliere. Mr. Garner's work as a writer of children's history books for AOL Time/Warner's Time for Kids and ancillary worksheets for textbooks led him to found HISTORY'S ALIVE!, the school assembly production house that brings history's greatest figures into your school!

Children of all ages have enjoyed his enriching presentations that bring history to vivid life. There’s no better way to educate than to entertain, and Mr. Garner is passionate about sharing relatable performances of history’s noteworthy personalities to students from coast to coast. As a historical character actor, Mr. Garner uses his talents to portray Thomas Edison, Benjamin Franklin, Archimedes, Aesop, and many more. Additionally, his performances include amusing takes on American tall tales as well as myths and fables.


He performs at theaters and school auditoriums to inspire young minds with the lessons of history. Funny and informative, his shows introduce kids to history’s big names but also demonstrate that learning can be fun.


Bring history’s greatest figures in to your school by booking one of these memorable performances today. These interactive shows keep students engaged in the lessons of history all while keeping a smile on their faces. As a supplement to what you are teaching in the classroom, Mr. Garner’s shows are wonderful contributions to students’ education. Discounted rates are available for schools who book September shows and who block-book with a school nearby. Your students are going to love this informative field trip that comes to you.

Contact Patrick Garner for more information. He performs at student assemblies nationwide.

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