We're now in the process of booking for the 2022-2023 School year!  The 2021-22 school year was WHACK-A-DOODLE (as my grandmother liked to say).  No one needs to tell you that.  Everywhere, schools are still trying to figure out their assembly  program policy.  HISTORY’S ALIVE! is doing it’s best to be your greatest value for the greatest shows you can bring to your great students!  No matter what your school's policy ends up being, I’m trying everything to bring an amazing show to your kids!


So where are those prices?  At the request of several of my booking agencies, I can no longer list those prices online.  Some people, much smarter than I and much less scrupulous than you, had used my published prices to argue over legitimate technical developments, travel expenses (may not be a problem this year!) and business costs.  I apologize for this monumental inconvenience.  I will happily supply my prices by phone or email.  I sincerely make every effort to offer you a competitive price for a truly exceptional show.

Super Recession Fighter Offer
Here's our latest and greatest discount offer.  Book a show for September and we'll give you a $100 discount!  That's right, a crisp C-note never has to leave your hands!  September is light in bookings because your school year has just started.  But think of the value of Thomas Edison giving your students tools they will use the entire year!

Savings Strategy #1:  Block Booking
This will be something entirely new this year. By booking two schools very close to one another on the same day, I’m able to offer you a substantial discount. If you call in conjunction with another school in your area, the two schools can split the discount.  Call to see if I'm booked anywhere near your town. If you are able to schedule your school on the same day, I’ll give you the entire discount ($100 for a single show, $150 for a double).  

Savings Strategy #2:  Materials are Going Green

Your Teachers’ Guides, Student Worksheets and other promotional materials will be emailed to you.  You can save on printing costs by forwarding them to your teachers and students via email.  Not only will you be saving the planet, you’ll save a few dollars.


Savings Strategy #3:  Money You Don’t Have to Spend

 This is “The Field Trip That Comes To You!”  If your school has forbidden field trips in 2020-21, this is a moot point! But through the magic of a virtual presentation, I can bring your students to Thomas Edison's office or Lewis & Clark's Oregon Encampment!

Think of anything else?  Give me a call!  I’m doing everything I can to help you and your students!