(They Like Us! They Like Us!)



On behalf of the Board of Directors of Young Audiences of Rochester, we thank you for the wonderful partnership that we have had with you.  It has been our pleasure to work with you and we have appreciated all the you have done to bring the arts into the lives of the young people in our area. 

                                                                             --Sara Krusenstjerna

                                                                               Exec. Director

                                                                               Young Audiences of Rochester

                                                                                Rochester, NY

Thank you so much for making the work

of this "Arts-Committee-of-one" so easy!

                              --Marie Geraci, 

                                Jefferson School

                                North Arlington, NJ

On behalf of the Bradford PTA, Principal Vitone, the teachers and the students of The Bradford Academy, I would like to thank you for your wonderful presentation of “Thomas Edison: Inventor, Lecturer and Prankster!”…The teachers and students continue to say how much they enjoyed it both educationally as well as from you work’s sheer entertainment value.  I was so impressed with how well you held all of the children’s interest while altering your presentation to be grade appropriate…After your excellent portrayal, the student body of the Bradford Academy is convinced that Thomas Edison is indeed alive and well!

                                                                                        --Meryl McCusker, 

                                                                                           Chairperson for Assemblies

                                                                                           Bradford Academy

                                                                                           Montclair NJ

I thought your performance was extremely informative and well-conceived.  It was engaging, well-paced and had just the right amount of calculated silliness to keep children watching and listening throughout the performance.  You challenged your audience and made them laugh—the perfect balance for a strong arts education program.

                                                                                         --Mark A. Blackman 


                                                                                           ArtsPower National Touring Theatre

Mr. Garner’s performance captured the students’ interests for the entire time.  Mr. Garner showed his understanding of Fourth Graders by varying his approaches throughout the program.  The students were actively involved.  I would highly recommend the program and look forward to other presentations by Mr. Garner.

                                                                                       --Craig Wilson, Principal

                                                                                          Dennis B. O’Brien School

                                                                                          Dover NJ

The Thomas Edison presentation was excellent!  I would definitely recommend having this program for the following year…

As you can see your program was a HIT!

                                                        --Linda Lintz, 

                                                           PTO Arts Coordinator

                                                           Lincroft School

                                                           Lincroft NJ

Our teachers and students found this presentation to be interesting, informative and age-appropriate.  Mr. Garner’s approach was also didactic in that he emphasized the “human” side to this great inventor throughout his program.  As a living historian myself, I was very appreciative of Patrick Garner’s approach to this particular program and look forward to other programs of this nature in the future.

                                                                                 --Dr. John St. Peter, Principal

                                                                                   Port Monmouth Elementary

                                                                                  Monmouth NJ

The students were captivated with the presentation of this historical figure with the original format and interactive demonstration.  The program provided many historical facts relating to Thomas Edison the Inventor and Thomas Edison the Person.  The students and staff had many positive comments relating to the educational value of this program.

                                                                                 --Joan Moriarty, Principal

                                                                                  Rand Family School

                                                                                  Montclair NJ

It was fantastic!  Thomas Edison’s life is part of the New Jersey 4th Grade Curriculum, and I try to incorporate an entire school day to his life and works.  I have learned a great deal from this presentation, and now have additional “hooks” to use with my next year’s class.


                                                    --Bonnie Brady

                                                      4th Grade Teacher

                                                     Arleth Elementary School

                                                     Parlin NJ

Without benefit of stage or lighting, Mr. Garner still brought Edison to life for our pack of Cub Scouts in the cramped cafeteria of Immaculate Conception Church.  Mr. Garner managed to hold over seventy young men and their siblings spell-bound.  Not an easy thing, I can tell you!  It was a wonderful program that I would heartily recommend to any group or school.

                                                                                                               --Carl Menck, Cubmaster Pack 12

Thank You!  We loved it!  Hope to see you again next year.

                                             --Eileen Marin

                                               Drama Dept.

                                               Princeton Junior School

                                               Princeton NJ

Thank you so much…The PTO had great feedback about you!

                                            --Dana Doeller

                                              Eastern Christian School

                                              Midland Park NJ

I liked your assembely because it was Funny in some parts & informative insome parts…It was good and nothing was Boring…I enjoyed the play it was very informative.  I hope you come back soon…It was fun.  I will tell my mom about the advinture of lewis and clark thank you for a grate time…The best best best part was me being sacagawea thanks for everything and plus it was the best assembly in history and this part is from iasia your sacagawea.


                                                                                                     --Mrs. MacGowan’s 4th Grade Class

                                                                                                       Rand Family School

                                                                                                       Montclair NJ